October 22, 2018 1 min read

Fashions come and go but some things are never out of style: a leather armchair, a leather bag, a cowhide rug. The problem some people have with a cowhide rug is that it doesn’t disguise what it is.

When you wear a pair of leather shoes, no one looks at you and thinks ‘that person is wearing cowhide’, but when someone enters your home and sees a cowhide rug they are confronted by the reality that leather comes from animals. If you are vegan and believe that we should not use any animal products then clearly you will find a cowhide rug repulsive, but if you own anything made from leather then you shouldn’t have any problems with a cowhide rug.

The hides from dairy cows need to be used in some way, otherwise we would have even more environmental problems to face. Cowhide rugs are unique, beautiful and can last for generations. You know exactly what you are looking at and in a world of mass-produced, faux reproductions. It's refreshing, really.